Credit Card Pre-Authorization: Processing and Processors

Pre-authorization of your credit card is technically a "hold" on your credit card credit line from a purchase placed there by a merchant who has initiated a charge, but not completely processed it. When the merchant actually completes the charge process, the pre-authorization amount will be replaced by an actual charge debited from your card.

A good example of the credit card pre-authorization process is when you arrive at a hotel and your credit card is swiped to ensure you're "good" for the cost of the hotel room and that the security checking process of your credit card matches whatever documents you supply. The card check actually acts as a processing "pre-authorization" so that the hotel can finalize the sale in the morning when you check out.

For the duration of the pre-authorization, your credit limit will be lowered by the amount of the "hold" on your card. After a certain number of days, the hold will lapse unless the charge processing is completed by the merchant.

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