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On: 2018-08-03
We arrived 12nn and booked 4rooms. 3 rooms was ready and the last room took 4hrs to be ready? � place was okay it was really nice except that they didn't take care the last room. Need to follow up every now and then before getting fixed. � the flight was very exhausting may back hurts so bad. Sorry I'm just really tired and I hope you understand. Thanks. Namaste
By: Anna Taylan
On: 2018-02-17
Hi, stayed at this place for 4 days. Perfect place for vacation. Nice location. Very accommodating staff. To Miss Asia, made our visit to Palawan very memorable.. thank you for assisting us through out our vacation...
By: Carlos Muntego
On: 2018-02-04
Nice Place, nice food, been there for dinner but don't enter from the back entrance (the former main entrance) its disgusting their trash is allover the place and the street dogs having the fun with it! Please Peter take car of that! Ells a funtastic place!
By: Tomasz Mielcarek
On: 2016-11-15
good hotel but terrible food, we have paid £20 !!! for the brekfast which is like 4 time the going rate and the food was realy bad. Avoid eating there at all cost.
By: Kim Fletcher
On: 2016-08-04
First Class without the cost ! My stay was better than my expectations and the employees know, understand and deliver customer service. If they do not know the answer, they will find someone who does.
Very professionally run business, casual, friendly and good English. A superior wine cellar/restaurant and the musical sound system is top drawer.
Kudos to the ownership and staff - they ROCK......KDF
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