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By: charles karlov
On: 2012-01-09
Excellent location for relaxing...super smile and great food what more do you want?

It was the best 5 days in a hotel since long time.

Thank you team Deep Forest from both of us!
By: Ponce de leon
On: 2012-01-09
Salamat sa Deep Forest Filipino smile and warm welcome.

Additional: inmpecable service

We will send you our Balikbayan friends :)))
By: Elizaga nance
On: 2011-11-12
pinamaganda hotel sa Palawan!!thats all!
By: Jeff Bunke
On: 2011-07-09
Lets keep it short and right! Free Airport service great! mini-bar with drinks in your room for the same price than the restaurant !amazing.
Room service excellent!Pool superb!
Staff wow!
Ok thats enough in short we did have such a good time. Thank you so much for your attention to details.
By: Charles Fox
On: 2011-06-21
this our second stay at deep forest garden inn, we were so impressed the first time that we had to return. They are always trying to improve at the deep forest. They have added refrigerators and a mini bar. they also are planning to add telephones to the room. But they go out of there way to help you. I had to renew my visa extension and they took me to the immigration office (five minutes away) which took 30 minutes to complete the process and the staff at immigration was very friendly. so if u want to stay in a quiet place a little ways from the city then they deep forest garden inn is the place.
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