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By: Geraldine Razzi
On: 2012-04-20
Very attractive place.


the location is just a very short trip from the airport. the landscaping is very nice. they have a really nice pool that is great for kids. there is a jacuzzi and a small pool which has a checker board botton with chess pieces. you can actually play a game of chess. there is a bar next to the pool with seats in the pool. the size of the room was ok and a nice sized bathroom. we had a misunderstanding over the beds. the ad said queen sized room. it showed two beds f
By: Lavender
On: 2012-04-18
Our family stayed here for 3 days/2 nights over the weekend, and it was one of the best accommodations I ever stayed in! Great food, great pool, great location. All in all, DFGI was one of the reasons why we enjoyed our Puerto Princesa stay so much, and will recommend you to all my friends who's planning to go to PPur! Highly recommended!
By: Tere and Family
On: 2012-04-15
We felt somewhere in wonderland, great vacation and take there daily tours with Tourister travel and tours inside the hotel, they went all the way to insure our wonderful days out in underground and dolphin watch! at night we went for firefly trip realy AMAZING! My Family loved to stay with you guys! thank you so much!
By: jessica Harper
On: 2012-04-08
Made in the Philippines!? the smiles and attention to details about just everything to make you feel relax and cozy,the hotel is amazingly clean and well maintainned, staff attentive,food and room service excellent.
The owner most be an hotelier because the general service is made please you completely.
By: Jean Claude
On: 2012-04-04
delightful little Resort very well maintained and Swiss management keep this place in a very high standard of service and cleanliness, with Filipino smile!!
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